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episode 2 of new moon new music is from the grey eagle feb. 25, 2006

-a great listening room in asheville, nc.- great vibe/great beer/great folks/great cajun food--- casey driessen on fiddle, matt mangano on el. bass, me on ac. gtr & piano; and opening the show and joining us on our 2nd set was great singer/songwriter dana cooper on harmonica---another example of getting together & doing stuff we are just making up at times (most times)---2 sets (dana joins on the last 2 songs)-- a lively crowd as usual at the grey eagle--- i was wearing my deer stalker hat (picture sherlock holmes' hat) from england & walked on stage wearing it & immediately got heckled (twas a bad hair day, methinks)- & did not start a fashion fad w/ the poor hat--- N S Sherlock!-- lots of jamming (one song almost 12 minutes- another 10minutes-& 2 different set of songs morphed together 2for1(4for2)- some classic moments-- casey is on fire- it's the whiskey that eases the pain is very spirited--

thanks to jeff whitworth who recorded & mixed that night -- this is his live board mix & david stevenson who prepared it for the web site -- and thanks to jen balzer for putting it up

- darrell
(Hat photo by ds)

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