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Hogging The Covers - April Episode of NEW MOON | NEW MUSIC
i am submitting the pre-production recording i sent to the musicians just before modern hymns


new moon/new music - episode 3

hogging the covers

yes, that was the working title (bad joke as it is) of what became "modern hymns"
-the front cover art was going to be me asleep hogging the covers in bed from 2 cold blow up dolls beside me
-the back cover art was going to be me on a harley hawg wearing goggles w/ the 2 dolls riding on the seat behind w/ the same covers tied to the sissy bar in back (being dragged behind the motorcycle)

danny thought it "perverse" - dirk thought it funny as shit

methinks they both were right - i saw the light & knew the very special spirit quality to the recording we made

in those 3 days & the songs & artists i was covering and called it what it is: modern hymns

i was in the last 20% of a record called: "the invisible man" and i'd hit the wall (which means i got tired of working on it and i had lost the inspirational thread- i would hear it only with critical (brain) energy and the inspired (heart) energy had left the building just like the tupelo mississippi flash) - and modern hymns became the medicine for me to find my way back to invisible man

so, i cast this covers record for 3 days of live-in-studio-recording in november 2006 and my 2 key players (danny thompson-double bass & dirk powell (everything) needed to have an idea of what the hell we were gonna do for the 3 days-- so, one night with a 2 track digi recorder, i ran all the songs from memory so they'd have SOME idea of songs- so when you here me speak, it was to them

flat & sharp singing - forgotten words - wrong chords - distorted recording - it's all here, folks - but it served as our roadmap for danny & dirk (and eventually me) to get it together to do the 3 days w/ all of our friends for the real recording

i shamefully & humbly submit: hogging the covers for your consideration

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