2013. Tim and Darrell
13 years older (and none the wiser), this was our studio follow up to real time - we offered 5 songs each, 1 co-write, and 3 songs leaning on the masters...George Jones, Hank Williams and John Prine - the co-write (Keep Your Dirty Lights On) was nominated for a Grammy in 2014.


Track Listing:
1. Time To Talk To Joseph
2. It All Comes Down To Love
3. Keep Your Dirty Lights On
4. Brother Wind
5. Memories And Moments
6. Paradise
7. Just One More
8. Fiddler Jones
9. The Well
10. Alone And Forsaken
11. You Don't Own Me
12. Angel's Blue Eyes
13. Free Again
14. On Life's Other Side

Memories and Moments CD - Tim O'Brien & Darrell Scott

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