being in jr. high and high skool in the 70s in california
talk and ideas of conservation was on-going –
c o n s e r v e
(to protect, to keep together)
the future portrayed as scary, over populated
withdwindling fresh water and air, petroleum and space

40 years ago

it seems conserving is a rarely spoken idea these days –
this world behaves like abundance is assured
like fracking for natural gas, building pipelines and harbors
in chesapeake bay and oregon coast to export across the seas

living in nashville for the last 23 years i watch a city that is unrecognizable
every 2 weeks – building, roads, expanding, spreading, using, filling up
-racing towards becoming a “greater” city

in los angeles last week committed to taking public transit or riding a bicycle
where i needed to go for my 4 day visit
– waiting for the city bus at rush hour
i noticed at least 80% of the cars in gridlock had just 1 person per car
and this in the most over populated area for people and traffic

i am travelling less these days
trying to figure out
to be in this world
at this age
at this time
in this world

learning how to be sustain-able, how to conserve
time- energy- music-
it is not an easy lesson and
it is also not difficult
(the hardest part is my habitual thinking)

sustain-ability requires concious-ness
more than it requires play dough ($$)

i had someone tell me they wished they could go solar, too
(living in the southwest desert)
except for what it costs
(meanwhile, driving a huge $40,000 plus 4 wheel drive)
– they can’t get solar on their roof in vegas
but they can pay for the mega monster vehicle
– we make decisions, yes?

we decide how to spend our energies our time our money our attention
our concious-ness

living in the country now
growing more and more of our food
producing electricity with our 40 solar panels
sending the extra we make back through the grid

here is a picture of where i am working
on my next recording at home in the country

obey studo

i have about a month to use the woodstove as a music desk
before we need to start heating with wood
from trees we cut last winter to be the timbers for the solar array
( thanks flint richter )

in the mean time (kind time, really)
i am learning and leaning to be
sustain-able with my limited time
limited resources
limited energy
and unlimited imagination…

like you

near the fall equinox 2015



In his own words…


blame it on the sound of putting my ear to the shoulder
of my dad’s 50’s gibson acoustic guitar when i was 4-
i heard the vibration in the wood in my ear on my face –
it wasn’t what i played – i couldn’t “play” (but, i could play)
and i was transported by the s o u n d
and how it made me feel – how it took my attention
and dropped it right into that magic box
– it vibrated ME – it was a perfectly private moment
. try it sometime



i have over 80 instruments – each with a different voice
– the discovery is to find the hidden voice in any instrument
how it wants to be treated coaxed thrashed touched so it may speak
-it will inform in how best to find the voice from this otherwise silent thing

– the same is true for the voice inside me (us)
it is down inside there a sound a feeling a comfort a cry a joy
-my voice informs me how to sing i don’t tell it how to sing
i do not train my voice – no, at my best
i give voice to what is inside
(i really know no other way)



i have written songs since i was 12
each different from the other – i remember most of them
i don’t know why or how i remember
– one line seems to lead to the
next –
when i consistently forget a line – i remember this:
…the line never really fit anyway-
it is the songs way of informing me of that fact-
in this way i think i might be a good listener
try it sometime



you are still reading, welcome to this landing: my new website
– i hope you find something of interest here
songs, ideas, food talk, pictures, music, travels
it will be a changing thing

– in my 50s now –
i see the value of home and nesting
in being in nature and having a dog
in finding new ways of expressing my creative soul
in cooking on a woodstove and gathering & chopping wood to burn
in reading the 100s of books i’ve gathered
in slowing down, in listening for the sound of coyote and owl in my woods
in opening to music in me i have not yet heard
in finshing music and projects that you have not yet heard
in solar panels on my roof
in being a better guest on this amazing planet
in being with my family
in taking better care of myself so i may be around for all the
above and beyond