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All things Darrell Scott, the musician, songwriter & Artist.

Nashville Scene

Darrell Scott Knows the Difference


“The superlative songsmith discusses releasing two albums, producing another and building a studio in spite of COVID-19"

-an interview by Geofrey Himes


Americana UK

Darrell Scott “Jaroso” 

"This album is just one man and his guitar singing in a church, and while sometimes the guitar is a mandolin or banjo, it is just what it needs to be; Darrell Scott has the talent and skill to know what that is.”


The Alternate Route

Darrell Scott "Jaroso" 


“Darrell Scott immerses himself in his art. His ability to erase the line between stage and seats, the manner in which Darrell opens his heart as much as his guitar case is captured on Jaroso.”


Lucky Dice

(The Netherlands)

"Darrell Scott is and remains our hero. His voice and songs always know how to hit me mercilessly, because they go through the bone. He often sings as if his life depends on it and sometimes I almost forget to breathe.”


Three Chords & The Truth

“Scott does an incredible job in transporting you into a heavenly place....While we wait for live music to drift back into our lives, a space can be made for JAROSO and a grateful glow that Darrell Scott has lent his considerable talent into serving up something that we are desperately missing.“


Bill Monroe's Neighbor

Darrell Scott – “Jaroso"

"A live album seems almost painful to think about but props to Darrell Scott for thinking outside the box. Jaroso is a direct reflection of the new reality. I hope this new release leaves others inspired, ultimately realizing, that small crowds don’t mean less impact.”


Rocking Magpie


A Spine Tingling and Intimate Live Retrospective From an Unsung Hero.”

"...the concept was a simple idea, transformed throughout into a magical, enchanting record of what must have been an awesome, historic event. I started by stating that I generally don’t like “Live Albums”, but; I kid you not; I absolutely love this one."

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