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SongFood is a workshop intended to support the development of skill and spirit for all levels of songwriters. This gathering is an intentional time of creative work, community building, and focus on the creative process.


By using their own songs and songs-in-progress, students will: learn technical nuts and bolts to refine their words and music, receive feedback and support on their creative process and songs, and explore how curiosity, courage, and leaning into our own unique voice can strengthen the work.


There will be content and coaching delivered by Darrell, large group sharing, small group, and collaborative space, and time for individual advancing. We will dig deep into our stories, observations, and selves; not to write the next hit song, but to create “new and true and real” songs and more fulfilled, nurtured, brave songwriters. (These qualities also happen to make better songs!)


In addition to one’s own walk as a writer, participants will hear Darrell’s stories, reflections, and methods, including how some of his songs came to be.



Each morning starts with breakfast provided daily and the workshops will focus on the nuts and bolts of the songwriting process. In the evenings you can participate in student-run song shares and develop your own unique community of like-minded songwriters.


"I have not been to a songwriter's retreat/intensive that even came close to SongFood. This deep dive of thoughts, instruction, inspiration, support and musicianship was second to none. 
Darrell's patience is unequalled. He was totally 'present', focused and engaged with each and every person and their song regardless of their ability. 
It's nice to have someone speak the truth instead of just saying, 'Oh, that's good.'. 
I appreciated the openness and fluidity of the teachings. 
My eyes and ears are wide open going forward."

-Songfood Student December 2019

"This experience was a great investment in myself. Specifically, an aspect of myself that had been neglected and needed to be tended. 

I was at a place in my journey as a writer and singer of songs where I needed some outside guidance. I needed some prodding and nurturing to help me along in the process. I appreciated how deeply Darrell listened and reflected back each song and individual in the workshop."

-Songfood Student December 2019

"This will be the most honest week you've spent with yourself in a while."

-Songfood Student December 2019

"I came to SongFood to be a better writer. I became much more. I am more in touch with who I am and therefore a better storyteller. I can't put 60 hours of love for this on one single page."

-Songfood Student December 2019

For More Detailed Information:
Angela Scott

Cancellation Policy:
Once a space has been provided for the workshop, the fee is non-refundable except with 2 options:

A) fee transfers to a future songfood
B) the slot is filled before the workshop starts, then 100% is refunded

Space is limited and a wait list will be established once the workshop is filled.

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