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The Songfood Student Experience

Testimonials from previous students

"The workshop was one of the best things I have ever been involved with. It was helpful not only from the standpoint of learning more about creating music and lyrics, but even more so, giving me ‘permission’ to be creative and express myself through music. The entire process forced myself to look inside and built confidence in my abilities to create works that were meaningful. More so than just being with Darrell, who is truly kind and masterful, the dynamic of the students who came together led to an experience I will never forget. We were all on a journey together seeking something deeper, and we were able to find that place through song. I would jump at the chance to be involved in another one. Regardless of your level of competence and confidence, this event will help you grow and peacefully find your inner song." 

- December 2015 student

"This was a game changing experience for me and I got everything I was hoping to get out of the week…I was looking for something different, hoping I would find it with this workshop and Darrell, Gretchen, Danny, Will and You delivered 100%."

- May 2015 student

"Want your songwriting to get a serious dose of kick-ass creativity? Want the opportunity of connecting to a community of like-minded songwriting peers? (who will laugh and cry with you). Want a seasoned leader with wide and deep roots recognition, a long string of hits, and the patience, compassion, and sensitivity of a saint to help shepherd your songs along? (besides astonish you with his world-class guitar and singing talents). Yes? Then Darrell Scott is your man. And I'm gonna come back and do it again as soon as I can." 

- December 2015 student

"[The class] has left me speechless, in a way because it reached a new depth. I actually think that Darrell's workshops could help ANY songwriter, regardless of their experience. How to find your core, keep the listener engaged from beginning to end, how to strengthen your words and eliminate unnecessary ones...Darrell is a great teacher. Not all songwriters can teach. Darrell is a gift. Taking the class was like going home to your true self. Darrell allows you to "discover" on your own, which is the best way to has the most lasting affect. Thanks so much!"

- December 2015 student

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