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2010. I turned 50 - what can I say - I wanted to do something significant for the occasion. So, I made a record of 20 tunes that I played and sang every sound on (like when I was 16 with a 4 track reel to reel in the garage). A personal love letter to myself, in the end.


Track Listings
Disc: 1
1. A Crooked Road
2. The Day Before Thanksgiving
3. Long Wide Open Road
4. Alton Air
5. A Father's Song
6. Take Me Back To Yesterday
7. Pester Lester
8. Candles In The Rain (Childless Mothers)
9. For Suzanne
10. The Open Door
Disc: 2
1. Love's Not Through With Me Yet
2. Colorado
3. Where The Spirit Meets The Bone
4. Some Other Time
5. Snow Queen and Drama Llama
6. Tonight I'm Missing You
7. Oh Sweet Longing
8. Willow Creek
9. This Time 'Round
10. This Beggar's Heart

A Crooked Road CD

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