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JAROSO is the last village in south central colorado on the new mexico border
dirt roads, early september before snows and nearing summers' last long exhale

i knew of mark dudrow's adobe church - mark (a cellist, potter, friend) had invited me to stop in for years
and finally, we did, with an idea:
to gather a small crowd by word of mouth up from taos and santa fe
for a NO PA show to make a live recording

 erick jaskoviak (my road and studio engineer and cooker upper of interesting audio escapades) and i
came up this idea while staying at a chautauqua cabin in boulder one night
with porch libations only a week before the visit to jaroso
- we figured
(with a simple 4track recorder that we recorded our live shows w each night)
(one mic on instrument, one on voice and a stereo pair for the audience/room sound)
that a free flowing, simple, pure, old-style recording would come out of it - it did - this is it

with a sense of thoreau's 
s i m p l i f y
i chose songs that wanted to be there...old, new, borrowed, blue
and instruments that arrived from mark's house or his friends'
who showed up with a banjo
a nylon string guitar
a 12 string
along with my stephen sobell guitar
i had some sonic variety
so, off we went with a couple dozen folks singing along
erick at side/back "stage" with headphones
my son, gabe, taking photos
and crickets listening and singing just outside the adobe walls
as the high desert sun set -
the experiment captured 

we spent the next 3 days stewing in the waters of ojo caliente
feeling satisfied
mission accomplished...i remember eating watermelon whole
in the tub and wearing the hollowed rinds like helmets
(i have pictures)

this is a fly on the wall recording
a cricket in the field
a gathering inside a former spanish speaking catholic church
where the cross no longer stands
yet, magic still happens inside

come on in
grab a chair
wherever you may



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