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Official release date: November 17, 2017


Nashville is booming like the city just got word of hosting the Olympics; and, they have 18 months to get it all together to say: "tah dah" to the world. A Nashville skyline with more cranes than Nebraska in March, around the clock construction and now a rush hour at least twice a day.


The Station Inn is a little cinder block tavern that has hosted more casual Bluegrass nights of music than any place on earth. That little tavern is still standing with all the olympic-panic buildings towering over - (look closely at Gabriel Scott's great photo of the Station Inn at son - there it is in black and white). Every time i drive by the place i wonder if it is the last time i will see it standing.


So, with a 4 piece that had played a few gigs together in the touring summer, we had not played for months when we played this night in December with Christmas around the corner...hark.


Here is Shad Cobb on fiddle, Matt Flinner on banjo and mandolin, Bryn Davies on bass, and me. ALL playing on the edge of our wits and not knowing whether we will collapse in the next moment or soar above the tall buildings surrounding us. And playing in a place where our heroes have stood and delivered. (Friend, Odessa Settles, joins us on a song as she was sitting in the audience...very Station Inn).


To me live music is to have that edge, that little (or big) threat of the unknown waiting around every corner - and still, with complete faith in our fellow band members (and maybe some blind faith in ourselves) that we may actually be able to do this. I believe the audience feels and sees and hears that edge. No hiding. Music in the moment.


Better players I do not know

Better engineers I do not know
(Miles Wilknson, Stephanie Hudacek recording; and mixing: Dave Sinko; and mastering: Richard Dodd)

Same with Gabriel's photo of Station Inn being swallowed by a Nashville not fully comfortable with its' seemingly, less olympic, deep rooted history.

Same with the Station Inn and a night of this music and hearing every musicians' friend (and bartender), Ann Soyers, ring the bell by the bar when she hears something particularly special. This recording is dedicated to the love, support and memory of Ann Soyers.


This night of making stuff up with friends.

Station Inn,
Long may you run

Live at the Station Inn CD

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