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2012. My country that, a direct lineage of real country music from the 60s and 70s and my parents' listening from the 40s and 50s - as I inherited it - I built the record around the sound of piano great, Hargus "pig" Robbins - there are 30 years of original songs here, beginning when I was 16.


Track Listing:
1. It Must Be Sunday
2. Hopkinsville
3. Out in the Parking Lot
4. Someday
5. No Use Living for Today
6. You're Everything I Wanted Love to Be
7. Dance in the Darkness
8. No Love in Arkansas (The Ring)
9. The Country Boy
10. Trying Not to Love You
11. Pay Lake
12. Candle for a Cowboy
13. Every Road Leads Back to You
14. Too Close to Comfort
15. You'll Be with Me All the Way
16. Still Got a Ways to Go

Long Ride Home CD

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